The World’s Hottest Beef Jerky

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The World’s Hottest Beef Jerky is produced by Keys Family Butcher Shop in Van Buren Arkansas.  Our World’s Hottest Beef Jerky combines a secret blend of the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper and the all new X-pepper giving it a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) Rating of over 15 Million units.

We start with our premium beef flank steak.  Flank steak forces you to work a little bit harder so that the spicy goodness of our World’s Hottest Beef Jerky is able to really penetrate the taste buds.  Before it hits our ovens, our flank steak is marinated in the Keys Family Secret spicy marinade.  Once it has had plenty of time to soak up that spicy goodness it is seasoned with the Keys Family Secret spices and smoked for several hours.


  1. Due to the Extreme Hot Nature of this product. Consume at your own risk.
  2. Due to the Extreme Hot Nature of this product, wear provided gloves at all times when touching the product or containment package.
  3. Do not touch your skin or eyes after handling this product.  Severe burning, blistering or blindness could occur.
  4. If you have respiratory or heart problems, do not consume this product.
  5. This product is to be used at your own risk, and you completely understand the potential danger if used or handled improperly.
  6. If you give this product as a gift, you are agreeing to make the recipient fully aware of the dangers of this product if used or handled improperly.
  7. You hereby disclaim, release and relinquish any and all claims, actions and lawsuits that you, or any of your dependents, heirs, family members or legal representatives, may have against any party relating to any damage or injury that may result, or is alleged to have resulted from the use, consumption, ingestion, contact or other use of or from this product.
  8. You agree, you are not inebriated or otherwise not of a sound mind, and you are fully able to make a sound decision about the purchase of this product.

The Worlds Hottest Beef Jerky comes with: 1oz package of Jerky, latex gloves, & a disclaimer card.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 5 in

2 reviews for The World’s Hottest Beef Jerky

  1. Daniel

    Ok so has anyone tired this yet ? Im curious

  2. Gaven

    Only giving it 5 stars because its gotta be the hottest thing I’ve eaten. Ive had the black beef jerky, hottest beef jerky on the planet, paqi one chip ,and copious amounts of the last dab apollo and pepper x. This stuff is the hottest! Tastes like crap though lol. Very hard to chew this jerky so it marinates in your mouth for way to long !

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