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Further Pocessing

Because of our equipment, there are pound minimums for our production. Sample runs should be about 200 pounds to get a true result. Regular run minimums depend on the product and our staff will be happy to reach that determination with you.

New customers will likely fall into one of the three following categories. Please fill out the form below or contact the appropriate staff member directly for help:

If you have outgrown your current processor in capacity or certification, please contact our New Product Manager. If you know the recipe and production method of your current process, this can be an easy transition. If you request us to match a current product and you have limited information, this presents added challenges. Either way, we will work with you through the process. Because of our commitment to transparency, we will make sure you own your own product.

Have a new product idea that fits into our current production line?

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    Do you process goats??

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