Niche Meat Marketplace

At Key’s Family Butcher Shop, we are one of the premier Niche Meat Markets in the nation. We oversee the entire process at our centralized location. At other processors, the meat shows up in cardboard boxes ours show up on hooves. This is the absolute best way to know where your meat comes from and to guarantee that you’re getting the most natural meat possible.

Niche Meat Markets are growing across the country, and we are in the heart of it. We are centrally located between some of the largest Farmer’s Markets in the nation. There are dozens and dozens of Farm to Table restaurants opening up in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

There is an extreme demand for locally grown, Humanely raised and Humanely Slaughtered meats and poultry.

Our focus is to be the key component between the farmers that do it right, and the consumer that cares about the meats they eat. We are not interested in participating in making the cheapest food possible; our goal is to be part of a thoughtful food chain, taking into consideration the animals, the land, the product and the consumers.

We are “Animal Welfare Approved” and USDA Inspected. We follow Temple Grandin recommendations for our slaughter process. We only use natural interventions for bacteria control in our facility. There is no Chlorine used in our processing! No solutions are added to our products and our poultry is air chilled!

We strive to grow with the niche trends, and keep you aware of the hottest items.

For us, the heart of niche meats lies in sustainability. When working towards the ideals surrounding that word “Sustainable”, we keep a solid grasp on our current realities. Our definition of sustainability encompasses the animals, the environment, our employees, our community, our partners and our business. Our efforts balance among these aspects because we need each to survive and thrive in order to continue improving, seeking a better way.