Step 1: Producers

The producers we work with range from local farmers raising a few cattle a year for their own use, to limited direct sales to local restaurants and national growers that distribute meat and poultry across the country.

Step 2: Animal Handling

Animals are delivered to our holding facility on Sundays from 3pm-6pm by appointment. Animal welfare is a top priority: from the calmness of the staff to the animals. Food, water and shelter are provided.

Step 3: Processing

Skilled meat cutters bring years of experience to select the best prime cuts, trim thoroughly to reduce waste and expertly blend fat and meat proportions for specific grinds. Hanging weights and finished weights are compared to ensure consistency and best utilization.

Step 4: Further Processing

Depending on the customer, we use either the beef/bison we have processed or meat from other processors to add value to a variety of proteins, including pork, turkey and chicken.

  • Ground Meat: We can present it in chubs, trays or bricks and create ready-to-grill patties.
  • Portion Cutting: Exact-weight steaks, cubed stew/stir-fry steaks, and briskets and roasts are hand-cut to customer specifications.
  • Sausage Production: Our sausage department works with customers to develop the desired seasoning, texture and cooking performance of a variety of fresh or cooked sausages.
  • Smoked meats and Sausages: Our old school, cold smoke house produces smoked meat to die for. We produce everything from lil chubbies to bacon to pepper/cheese summer sausage. We offer a variety of linked sausages from beef to poultry.
  • Other Cooked Products: We also produce injected smoked turkey breasts, spiral-cut hams and peppered or plain bacon. We enjoy the challenge of adding new products and will consider any ideas from customers.

Step 5: Packaging & Labeling

For a facility our size, our distinguishing feature is the sophistication of our packaging and labeling capabilities. We have the appropriate inspections, certifications and equipment to get a small producer or brand’s product on any retail shelf.